Common Luxury Transportation Rental Questions

What areas do you provide service for?

We can provide service to the entire state, and sometimes beyond. However, we have a page for that. So, for more information on where we provide service to, check out our service area page. If you don’t see your city listed, be sure to ask one of our courteous booking agents, they’ll be glad to offer you options.

How am I able to ascertain the availability of a specific vehicle?

In order for us to tell you about availability, you’ll have to speak with one of our amazing customer service agents. They are best equipped to provide information on this. You'll simply need to provide them the date of your trip. From there, it'll be an easy answer for them.

During our day to day operations, our potential clients come at us with a bunch of different questions. We love it! There's nothing better than being in the business of helping people make informed decisions. For that very reason, we've decided to go ahead an put some of our more commonly encountered questions in one place for everyone to gain knowledge from. While providing an answer to every question on a website is nigh impossible (that's why we have awesome customer care agents), we feel we've covered a wide range of queries here for you.

Of course! In fact, it’s probably the safest mode of transportation for your child on that night. You will find many horror stories out there of what can happen when teens get behind the wheel during a senior prom. Having a professional chauffeur is a great way to provide you (the parent) a bit of peace of mind on the big day of your high-schooler.

We do not allow for smoking of any kind on our vehicles, that’s why they smell so clean and fresh! If you do smoke though, we have some good news as our rules provide for unlimited stops during the course of your trip with us. So, whenever you need to have a "comfort break" we can pull over for you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Yes! In fact, that is one of the biggest fun-factors of renting a limousine or party bus for the transportation of your event. It is one of the rare cases where you are allowed to be on the road and able to still drink your favorite adult beverage. However, if members of your party are under the legal drinking age, we ask that you consult with us for specific conditions in this regard.

Honestly, there's not much of a distinction between the two aside from their outside appearance. However, there are some differences which are worth noting. The biggest benefit of a party bus is that they offer much more legroom and headroom when compared to a conventional stretch limousine. This makes them a very popular choice for weddings and proms where the outfits (especially for the ladies) are much larger than typical attire. The one time people often will choose a limousine over a party bus is when space is not a factor and they prefer the more classic appearance of a luxury vehicle or SUV.

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